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EST 1981

Ano-Tech Metal Finishing was established in Clovis, CA in 1981, by Dean & Carol Downs. Dean and Carol moved from Orange County with their two daughters, Kelly & Kendra. Dean spent most of the first few years with the company on the road delivering parts and visiting with customers, while Carol ran the office and cared for their daughters. Dean and Carol built Ano-Tech as a family business with a commitment to quality product and customer service. Dean's handshake was the equivalent of a signed contract. Due to Dean and Carol's hard work and commitment to quality, the business grew and he looked from within for help in keeping his promise to his customers. Kelly Downs-Tuman (Dean's Daughter) and Brett Hunter (Kendra's Husband), full of excitement and vision for the business, joined Dean and Ano Tech. Ano-Tech continues to be a family owned and operated business with its number one priority being amazing quality and customer service. The business will continue to pursue Dean and Carol's vision.

- Downs Family -

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Carol Downs

With all of the changes through the years, there has been one constant, Carol Downs. Carol started Ano-Tech with the love of her life Dean Downs in 1981. Moving from Orange County.  Together, with sweat and determination they worked to make the foundation that is Ano-Tech. Carols experience in finance set a stable base for the business to grow. With her radiant smile and non stop attitude Carol continues to push and strive forward. Although her daughter Kelly runs the day to day operations, Carol still makes her appearances to lend her advise and makes sure she is here to present the Employee of the Month award. For those of us here today, we understand if it was not for the hard work and determination of Dean and Carol, Ano-Tech would not be here today.

Rich & Kelly Downs-Tuman

Following in her Dads footsteps, Kelly Downs the oldest daughter of Dean and Carol Downs, started working for Ano-Tech 20 years ago. Learning the business from the ground up, Kelly has taken the values that Dean and Carol started the business with and continued to lead by example.  With Kelly's Husband Rich Tuman joining Ano-Tech in 2014, this continues the belief in family business. Rich is Vice President, in charge of Business Management. Rich and Kelly have 4 wonderful children and 7 amazing grandchildren. The opportunity to be surrounded by family at work and at home, drives Rich and Kelly.  Close family connections is what makes Rich and Kelly a rock that will help keep Ano-Tech on a stable path into the future.

Brett & Kendra Hunter

Two Critical pieces of Ano-Tech's success is Brett and Kendra Hunter. Kendra Hunter(Downs) is the youngest daughter of the company's founders Dean and Carol Downs. Kendra is a board member and brings valuable insight to the business. Brett is Vice President, in charge of Production. Brett started working at Ano-Tech 20 years ago and has brought a sense of stability to the company. Brett and Kendra have three amazing children and love spending time at Shaver Lake. The strength they show together is what helps anchor the company as we move into the future.

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